Redacted Networx Universal Contract

Request for Proposal (RFP) Sections

Section A: Standard Form 26, Award/Contract

Section B: Pricing 

Section C: Scope and Service Requirements

Section D: Packaging and Marking

Section E: Inspection and Acceptance

Section F: Deliverables or Performance 

Section G: Roles and Responsibilities 

Section H: Type and Terms of Contract

Section I: Clauses Incorporated By Reference

Section J: List of Attachments

Section J.12.4.2: Detail Billing File


Technical Volume

Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables

List of Acronyms
1.0 Technical Volume
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Compliance with RFP Requirements
1.3 Networx Architecture
1.3.1 Approach to Ensure Infrastructure Security
1.3.2 Approach to Ensure Service Quality
1.3.3_a Approach to Networx Architecture
1.3.3_b Approach to Networx Architecture
1.3.4 Non-Domestic Services
1.3.5 National Policy-Based Requirements
1.3.6 Common Architecture Components
1.4 Transport IP Optical Services
1.4.1 VS
1.4.2 CSDS
1.4.3 TFS
1.4.4 FRS
1.4.5 ATMS
1.4.6_a IPS
1.4.6_b IPS
1.4.6_c IPS
1.4.6_d IPS
1.4.6_e IPS
1.4.7 CDNS
1.4.8 PLS
1.4.9 SONETS
1.4.10 OWS over WDM
1.4.11 Combined Service
1.4.12 PBIP-VPNS
1.4.13 NBIP-VPNS
1.4.14 VOIPTS
1.4.15 IPTelS
1.4.16 CIPS
1.4.17 L2VPNS
1.4.18 DFS
1.4.19 OWS over ASTN
1.4.20 EthS
1.5 Managed and Application Services
1.5.1 DHS
1.5.2 CHS
1.5.3 VTS
1.5.4 ACS
1.5.5 WCS
1.5.6 MNS
1.5.7_a CCS
1.5.7_b CCS
1.5.8 CSDES
1.5.9 SS
1.5.10 TWS
1.5.11 Reserved
1.5.12 UWS
1.5.13 CoSS
1.6 Security Services
1.6.1 MTSS
1.6.2 MFS
1.6.3 IDPS
1.6.4 VSS
1.6.5 AVMS
1.6.6 INRS
1.6.7 MEAS
1.6.8 SMEMS
1.7 Wireless and Special Services
1.7.1 CPCS
1.7.2 MWLANS
1.7.3 Reserved
1.7.4 Reserved
1.7.5 LMRS
1.7.6 MSS
1.7.7 FSS
1.7.8 SatAA
1.8_a Service Enabling Devices
1.8_b Service Enabling Devices

Access Arrangements
Appendix A Functional Requirements Implementation 

Plan (FRIP) Part A&B
Appendix B Specific Terms and Conditions
Appendix C VPATS
Appendix D Bilateral and Other Carrier Agreements
Appendix E Dark Fiber Services Collocation Sites
Appendix F IEEE Communications Magazine Documents
Appendix G Dedicated Hosting Services Reporting
Appendix H Verification Test Plan
Appendix I Aggregate-based Service Metrics
Appendix J AT&T View of Emulated Frame Relay and ATM Service
Appendix K_a MTIPS CA PMP Continuous Monitoring
Appendix K_b MTIPS CA PMP Initial
Appendix L Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS)
Appendix M1 Certification and Accreditation
Appendix M2 Planning
Appendix M3 Risk Assessment
Appendix M4 System and Services Acquisition
Appendix M5 Awareness and Training
Appendix M6 Configuration Management
Appendix M7 Contingency Planning
Appendix M8 Incident Response
Appendix M9 Maintenance
Appendix M10 Media Protection
Appendix M11 Personnel Security
Appendix M12 Physical and Environment Protection
Appendix M13 System and Information Integrity
Appendix M14 Access Control
Appendix M15 Audit and Accountability
Appendix M16 Identification and Authentication
Appendix M17 Systems and Communication Protection
Appendix N Modified iPhone SLA
Appendix O MIPEC Options
Appendix P Appendix P Mobile Iron End User License Agreement

Management Volume

Table of Contents
List of Acronyms
2.0 Management Volume
2.1 Executive Summary
2.2 Compliance with RFP Requirements
2.3 Management and Operations
2.3.1 Program Management
2.3.2 Network Management
2.3.3_a Security Management
2.3.3_b Security Management
2.3.4 Disaster Recovery
2.3.5 Customer Support
2.3.6 Trouble and Complaints Handling
2.3.7 Business Relationship Management
2.3.8 Service Optimization
2.3.9_a Service Ordering
2.3.9_b Service Ordering
2.3.10 Billing
2.3.11 Training
2.3.12 Inventory Management
2.3.13 Operational Support Systems
2.4_a Transition
2.4_b Transition
Appendix A Program Management Plan
Appendix B Contractor Policies and Procedures
Appendix C Security Plan
Appendix D Disaster Recovery Plan
Appendix E Draft Training Plan
Appendix F OSS Verification Test Plan
Appendix G OSS Change Management Plan
Appendix H Preliminary Transition Management Plan_Part 1
Appendix H Preliminary Transition Management Plan_Part 2
Appendix H Preliminary Transition Management Plan_Part 3
Appendix I User Guide Inventory Management
Appendix J Program Monthly Status Report
Appendix K Monthly Financial Status Report
Appendix L Agency-Specific SLA Compliance Report
Appendix M Service Ordering Data Dictionary
Appendix N Billing Data Dictionary
Appendix O Key Personnel Resumes
Appendix P Key Personnel Easy Contact Chart
Appendix R AT&T BusinessDirect Application Roadmap
Appendix Q Marketing Materials
Appendix S Subcontractor Organization and Responsibility
Appendix T SLA Methodology by Service
Business Volume

4.10 Acceptable Use Policy

Price Volume

5.0 Price Volume
5.1 Executive Summary
5.2 Compliance with RFP Requirements
5.3 Price Data
5.4 Inputs to Total Evaluated Discounted Cost
5.5 Submission of Total Evaluated Discounted Cost
5.6 SEDs Price Evaluation
5.7 Other Data
5.8 Access to Hosting Center
Appendix A Taxes Regulatory Fees and Surcharges
Appendix B Instructions for Pricing
Appendix C Geographic Coverage

Redacted Prices

Individual Price Files