GSA Schedules

AT&T Government Solutions provides a wide spectrum of services to government clients through its four GSA Schedules. As the government emphasizes efficiency and cost containment, technology-based solutions to address operational and administrative challenges will be critical. At AT&T, our team of experts is always finding new ways to augment our customers’ decision-making abilities, facilitate resource management, and significantly improve productivity. Our GSA Schedules include the following:


Three IT 70 Schedule provide flexibility in obtaining the information technology products and services you need to improve agency operations. We also offer a full array of agency-specific BPAs that can ease your ordering process. Offerings under our IT 70 Schedule include:

AT&T Corp. GSA IT 70 Schedule No. GS-35F-0249J

  • Leasing of Products (SIN 132-3)
  • Information Technology Professional Services (SIN 132-51)
  • Electronic Commerce and Subscription  Services (SIN 132-52)
    • Managed Internet Service (MIS) Service
    • AT&T Dedicated Hosting (Managed) Service
    • Business Internet Service (BIS)
    • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet Services
    • AT&T Managed Security Services – Token Authentication Service
    • Managed RPost ®egistered e-Mail * 
    • Single-Site Local Area Network (LAN) Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony Service
    • AT&T Custom Managed Virtual Private Network Service (CM-VPNS)
    • AT&T Government Solutions Telepresence Solution (ATS)
    • AT&T Cloud Based Services
    • AT&T Internet Protect (AIP) Service
  • Ancillary Supplies and/or Services (SIN 132-100)

AT&T Government Solutions, Inc. GSA IT 70 Schedule No. GS-35F-4507G

  • Information Technology Professional Services (SIN 132-51)

AT&T Mobility GSA IT 70 Schedule No. GS-35F-0297K

  • Wireless Services (SIN 132-53)
    • Pooled Plans:
      • GSM Business National Pooled Plans
      • Government Nation Pooled Plan
      • Government GSM National Plan
  • Tablet Postpaid Data Plans for Government Customers
  • Features
      •  GSM Gov’t CSD Feature
      •  Push to Talk
      •  SOCC and Media Basics Bundle (MEBB)
  • Add On Services
      • Telenav GBS Navigator and Telenav Track
      • Video Share
      • Enterprise Paging
  • Data Connect Plans for Government
  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Plans
  • Goodlink Data Plans
  • Wireless Priority Services
  • Encrypted Mobile Voice (EMV)
  • Good for Enterprise
  • Good for Enterprise Options for Regular or S/MIME Support
  • AT&T Satellite Augmented Service (SAM)
  • Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS)
  • AT&T Remote Mobility Zone (ARMZ)
  • NetMotion
  • TotalMobile
  • On Demand Interpreter


AT&T’s offering of professional services on its MOBIS Schedule can help our government clients improve their management, organizational and business operations to facilitate more efficient operations and improve agency performance. AT&T’s MOBIS Schedule services include:

Consulting Services (SIN 874-1)

  • Strategic business planning
  • Systems alignment
  • Cycle time
  • Process/productivity improvement
  • Organizational assessment
  • High performance work
  • Leadership systems
  • Program audits & evaluations
  • Performance measures & indicators

Facilitation Services:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Systems alignment
  • Cycle time
  • Process/productivity improvement
  • Organizational assessment
  • High performance work
  • Leadership systems
  • Program audits & evaluations

Survey Services (SIN 874-3)

  • Planning survey design
  • Database administration
  • Sampling: survey development
  • Assessing reliability and validity
  • Analyses of survey data
  • Pretest/pilot surveying
  • Produce and brief results

Training Services (SIN 874-4)

  • Instructor Led Training
  • Web Based Training and Education Courses
  • Course Development
  • Test Administration

PES (Professional Engineering Services) GS-23F-0174S  

Through AT&T’s Professional Engineering Services (PES) schedule contract, government clients can quickly and easily obtain high-quality, technically diverse engineering services. AT&T’s PES schedule contract offers:

  • Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities (SIN 871-1)
    • Analysis of mission
    • Program goals and objectives
    • Requirements analysis
    • Organizational performance assessment
    • Special studies and analysis Training
    • Privatization and Outsourcing Training
  • Concept Development and Requirements
    Analysis(SIN 871-2)

    • Requirements analysis
    • Cost/cost performance trade-off analysis
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Regulatory compliance support
    • Technology conceptual designs
  • System Design, Engineering and Integration(SIN 871-3)
    • Computer aided design
    • Design studies and analysis
    • High level detailed specification preparation
      Configuration management and document control
    • Fabrication
    • Assembly and Simulation
  • Test and Evaluation (SIN 874-4)
    • Prototype and first articles testing
    • Environmental Testing
    • Independent Verification and Validation
    • Reverse Engineering
      Simulation and Modeling(to test the feasibility of a concept)
    • System Safety
    • Quality Assurance
    • Physical Testing of a Product or System
  • Integrated Logistics Support (SIN 871-5)
    • Planning, Requirements Determination
    • Policy Standards/Procedures Development
    • Long-Term Reliability and Maintainability
    • Training
  • Acquisition and Life Cycle Management(SIN 871-6)
    • Operation and Maintenance
    • Program/Project Management
    • Technology Transfer/Insertion
    • Training
    • Privatization and Outsourcing

LOGWORLD (Logistics Worldwide) Services GS-10F-0073M

AT&T’s LOGWORLD Schedule can help government clients utilize the latest concepts, methodologies and technologies in material and resource acquisition, distribution, and supply chain management to enhance or replace existing logistics operations. AT&T’s LOGWORLD schedule contract offers:

  • Supply and Value Chain Management Services (SIN 874-501)
    • Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services
        • Distribution Analysis, Development & Management
        • Location Modeling and Distribution Network Analysis
        • Tracking System Analysis Design
        • Operations Management
      • Acquisition Logistics
        • Concept Development & Exploration
        • Configuration Management
        • Planning, Strategic and Objectives
        • Supply Chain Integration Planning
      • System Assessment and Consultation
      • System Modernization and Consultation
      • Vendor/Acquisition Management
      • Logistics Business Process Reengineering
      • Deployment Logistics
        • Mobility Analysis and Support
    • Introduction of New Services
      • New Services (B2B, EAI)
    • Logistics Training Services
      • Training Systems Operations