AT&T achieved accreditation as a SWIFT network partner in 2003, and now operates over 1,200 network connections in over 60 countries.
AT&T has extensive experience in managing the design, implementation and operations of integrated SWIFT connectivity solutions for the global financial community.

AT&T’s SWIFT Alliance Connect solutions are based on AT&T’s advanced global IP network. AT&T’s global network offers industry-leading service level agreements, includes best-in-class assurances for packet delivery, latency and provides end-to-end performance guarantees of up to 99.999%. As a leader in the market, AT&T is best positioned to provide the global financial community with fast, efficient and secure transfer of data.

This dedicated site provides relevant information for the SWIFT user base. Should you require further information, please contact your local AT&T representative.


Network Upgrade to AVPN

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