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AT&T works closely with some of the world’s most respected consultants and industry analysts to understand customer requirements, improve our product portfolio and help predict future trends.

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AT&T has released 10 Cybersecurity Insights reports so far, with useful information on security threats and challenges and how to protect your network

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Agility Redefined – Flexible and Secure Networking Solutions

Agility redefined is a research-led series focused on how companies are leveraging technology to build agility for their business in new ways.

In AT&T’s 2016 Future of Business Agility survey, 1000 IT and Business executives shared their perspectives on the initiatives they are undertaking to build agility across their infrastructure, operations, workforce and customer experiences. This report offers insights into building a flexible and reliable infrastructure, specifically options available today and on the horizon for the WAN.

Gartner, Inc. named AT&T a Leader in its “2016 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global”

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant provides a framework and a graphical view of the relative positions of a specific market’s competitors. It shows the breadth of each company’s vision and how well that technology provider is executing against their stated vision. Leaders in the quadrant are performing well today and maintain a stable organization with a clear vision of market direction. Hence why being a leader in the upper right quadrant is so rewarding for AT&T.
The Magic Quadrant assesses suppliers that can deliver fixed corporate networking services worldwide. Services include:

The New Digital Economy: How it will transform business

A research paper by Oxford Economics.
This white paper provides insights into how corporations are responding to the key economic and technology megatrends reshaping the global marketplace.

Business Continuity: Preparing for the Unexpected

A Gartner Newsletter.

This white paper examines how multinational organizations can spread the risk by implementing business continuity on a global scale.

Regain Momentum with Unified Communications

A Frost and Sullivan report commissioned by AT&T

This white paper explores how the unique benefits of Unified Communications can help a company address its business challenges and support the recovery.

A Best Practice Guide to Pervasive Video

Video collaboration is becoming a transformational force throughout the enterprise and beyond – impacting how, when and where we interact with peers, partners and customers.

Turning CAPEX to OPEX

This is an important issue in financial management circles. Some companies spend billions of dollars on capex every year. But it seems those billions are still not quite enough.