EVPN to Managed AVPN Service Upgrade

The purpose of this micro site is to provide Swift end users with need-to-know information about the AT&T initiated service upgrade from Enhanced VPN (EVPN) to AT&T VPN (AVPN).

The benefits that AVPN brings over EVPN are:

  • Refresh of end of life router hardware
  • Port level Class of Service
  • More AT&T Points of Presence available to achieve better resiliency
  • Ethernet capabilities to support higher speeds
  • Improved latency and site availability

This mandatory E2A upgrade is driven by a service sunset.

AT&T is striving to make the upgrade to AVPN as effortless as possible for Swift End Users. Where appropriate – existing access, port and customer edge equipment will therefore be reused.

Where technology requirements do not justify a reuse scenario, AT&T will order and install a new local access line and a new managed router.
Please click each hyperlink to learn more about the three upgrade scenarios:

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on each upgrade scenario, please consult:

For any other questions, please contact swiftnet@att.com or your in region account manager.