AT&T and Oracle Red Bull Racing

It is hardly surprising that the collaboration between AT&T and Oracle Red Bull Racing has been so successful, because they share common values: speed, precision and innovation.

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In the arms race that is Formula One, the world’s most technologically advanced sport, Oracle Red Bull Racing has dominated. A major factor behind the team’s success has been the help from AT&T in providing a vehicle to assist Oracle Red Bull Racing with their ever-improving levels of telemetry and analysis. AT&T, the global leader in communications technology, is Oracle Red Bull Racing’s rapid response unit.

Only 60 of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s 750-strong team are allowed trackside. By feeding information back to the team’s headquarters in Milton Keynes in virtually real-time, using 100 sensors ftted to the car, AT&T empowers Oracle Red Bull Racing’s engineers andtechnicians to back up team principal Christian Horner on race day.

Horner says: “We value AT&T’s contribution to the team very highly and consider the products and services they provide as mission-critical to our operation at the race track.

The more data we can gather, the more comprehensive our analysis can be, and ultimately the more accurate decisions are in the development of the cars and during the race.”

One of the most dominant F1 teams in recent history, Oracle Red Bull Racing has won six Constructors’ and seven Drivers’ championships – they are currently the reigning double world champions since 2022. They remain one of the strongest teams in the paddock because of AT&T’s communications platform, offering 24/7 support, allowing them to maximise race performances.

Greg Wieboldt, AT&T’s President of Global Business, says: “For Oracle Red Bull Racing to win Formula One races it has to be at the top end of the curve in innovation and it has to do everything in an incredibly fast manner, where one thousandth of a second really matters. The same applies to our global, multinational customers. Our ability to innovate, to transform their business, helps give them a competitive edge in their industry, so that they can take better care of their customers and grow market share. So we share a lot of characteristics. I’m proud to say that we are a big part of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s team. There are a lot of commonalities here.”

“Thanks to AT&T, our Team stay connected throughout the race weekend, wherever they are in the World. Back in the UK, the Operations Room team play a critical role in analysing live telemetry from the cars, and have a direct and time-critical impact on our race strategy. The speed of connection, alongside an array of UC capabilities from AT&T, make their jobs possible.” – Morgan Maia, Senior Manager Technical Partnerships, Oracle Red Bull Racing.

That’s why AT&T and Oracle Red Bull Racing are at the front of the grid, with a comprehensive, multi-year partnership.

AT&T do four things for Oracle Red Bull Racing

1 The Global Network

Wherever the race is, AT&T’s advanced network (Global VPN) provides Oracle Red Bull Racing with virtually real-time data and connects the team to its base in Milton Keynes, it’s power unit partner Honda in Japan and its wind tunnel in Bedford.

2 Security

Enhanced security services provided by AT&T helps keep Oracle Red Bull Racing’s information and assets safer, help to reduce risk, helps increase reaction and response times to security issues, and help the team to mitigate threats and deflect unwanted activity in its network.

3 Unified Communications

AT&T provides Oracle Red Bull Racing with a unified communication and collaboration solution to encourage a closer working relationship between the race team and the factory. This features instant messaging, IP-based phone services, telepresence, and video conferencing.

4 Mobility

Oracle Red Bull Racing’s mobile devices are managed with an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution provided by AT&T. This enables engineers to exchange highly secure crucial race information directly with the factory using their smartphones or tablets.

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“In Formula One speed is important–not just on the track but in business operations. We have over 750 employees, specialists in many areas, updating and improving the car. All that needs to come together and operate and act as a team on race weekend. What AT&T has done is give us a platform of products which helps us communicate and work together as a team.” – Matt Cadieux, CIO Oracle Red Bull Racing

For more information, visit the Oracle Red Bull Racing website.