AT&T Customer Service Record (CSR)


2.0 CSR Overview

AT&T will provide a Local Customer Service Record (CSR) for TN’s associated to the following platform types, UNE-P, UNE-L, VoIP, T1 and Facility based. When an LSP requests a CSR for an AT&T local customer, the Requesting LSP must complete the Customer Service Information Request (CSIR) form. The form can be filled out and
submitted online. AT&T will accept CSR requests from LSPs acting as an authorized agent for the customer. The LSP must have a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and retain it on file. AT&T will provide the Customer Service Record via e-mail to the originator of the CSR request provided the mandatory fields on the CSIR form are complete. AT&T CSRs will be returned to the originator with the Line, Features and Directory Listing Information. (For a sample of the CSIR form, see section 8.0 of this handbook).

Note: After obtaining the CSR from AT&T and the requested TN’s are identified as being provided under UNE-P, LSR requests should be sent to the Incumbent LEC.

The following process outlines the necessary steps for the new LSP to obtain an AT&T CSR.

Step Responsibility Activity
1. New LSP New LSP completes the CSIR form
2. New LSP Submits online, E-Mails or Faxes the CSIR form to AT&T (see Section 2.2 – CSR Order Transmittal).
3. AT&T Receives and logs CSIR request. Reviews CSIR for completeness and accuracy.
????If error or incomplete, GO TO STEP 4.
????If accurate and complete, GO TO STEP 6.
4. AT&T Rejects CSIR via email to the Requesting LSP with the reason why the request was rejected.
5. New LSP Must make corrections and submit the CSIR again. GO TO STEP 3.
6. AT&T Gathers customer record information and provides the CSR.
7. AT&T Delivers the CSR to originator via e-mail, fax, US Mail and logs the completion.

The AT&T Business and AT&T Consumer VoIP Services CSR Center is the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all AT&T Local Business and AT&T Consumer VoIP Services CSR requests. Contact this center as follows:

To request a CSR, send CSIR to:

Online Submission Submit CSR

The hours of operation for the AT&T Local Business and AT&T Consumer VoIP CSR Center are:

Monday – Friday 7:00 AM ET to 3:30 PM ET

Holiday Closings: New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the following Friday), and Christmas Day.

To Request the Status of a CSR::

CSR Email:

AT&T requires the following Fax Form to be sent by the gaining LEC.

AT&T requires the following Fax Form to be sent by the gaining LEC.

The CSR Package returned to the requestor will contain the following information from AT&T:

  • Line Information
  • USOC Information (Features), as applicable
  • Directory Listing Information, as applicable

CSR Processing Interval

The interval for returning CSR information will be 3 business days.The interval for returning CSR information will be 3 business days.

Note: The interval clock begins at the start of the next business day for CSR requests received after 3 PM (ET).

Multiple or Complex CSRs may require Negotiations between the LSP and the AT&T Local Business Services CSR Center.


CSR requests that cannot be processed will be rejected to the requestor of the CSR within 3 business days of AT&T receiving CSIR form. The Reject Reasons will be listed on the original CSIR form returned to the CSR requestor as follows:

Reject Reason Reject Code
Account Tel. No. and/or Customer Location Not Found 001
Account Tel No. Not AT&T 002
Incomplete – Incorrect information provided 003
Requested LOA – No Response 004
Customer Supplied Account Information For requested Account Does Not Match Active Account 018
Account Exceeds maximum Page or fax Limit (20 Pages) 052
Duplicate 200
Requestor Cancelled 201
Required Requesting Company Contact Information Incomplete or LOA Box Not Checked 501

The guidelines for escalations are:

  • Requesting LSP did not receive the CSR (s) within standard interval.
  • Allow 4-hour intervals for response at each level of escalation.

When it is necessary to escalate, the LSP should contact the AT&T Local Business / AT&T Consumer VoIP CSR Center and provide the following information:

  • LSP Contact Name and Telephone Number
  • BTN
  • Customer Name
  • Date CSIR was E-Mailed / Faxed to AT&T
  • Description/Reason for escalation

Once contacted, the CSR Representative will investigate to determine the status of the original CSR request. AT&T will provide status within 2 – 3 business hours of receiving the initial escalation contact.

Escalation Contacts

Escalations should be directed, during normal business hours, as follows:

First point of contact
Second point of contact Noriko Wilson
or (916) 974-8922
Third point of contact Anitra Warthon (214) 721-3222