Local Number Portability for Business

Local Number Portability (LNP) allows telephone customers in the U.S. to retain their local telephone numbers when switching local telephone service providers. The forms on this web site are available for Local Exchange Carriers to use to submit Port Out requests to AT&T. The documents below guide you through the AT&T Port Out process for SPIDs 7125 and 7421. For other AT&T SPIDs, please go to AT&T CLEC Online. For questions about the forms or documents, please contact us for assistance.

News and Updates

February 2021

CSR Status has been changed to add g10296@att.com
** If your CSR is being rejected with 003 or 005 reject code in error please email g10296@att.com with a list of tn’s that is being rejected**

May 2020

Effective 11 May 2020, our contacts have changed
LSRC Hotline has changed from (404) 486-8224 to (816) 609-6020
CSR Status line has changed from (404) 486-8226 to (816) 609-6021

July 6, 2017

FOCs porting from business VoIP (SPID 7125) will have a 30 calendar day grace period before they will be cancelled due to lack of port response. Sups to change the Due Date are not required within that 30 calendar day FOC window,for FOCs porting from AT&T Local Network Services and AT&T Consumer VoIP (SPID 7125).


Submit a Customer Service Information Request (CSIR) form online. (preferred submission method)
Submit a Local Service Request (LSR) form online. (preferred submission method)

Use these forms only if you are unable to submit online:


AT&T Business and AT&T Consumer VoIP Services Local Number Portability (LNP) Port Out Handbook