Customer Service Information Request Help

Use these instructions to help you enter information into the Customer Service Information Request form. You may also access the entire AT&T Business Services Local Number Portability Procedures Handbook from the Local Number Portability for Business web page.

Note: Fields whose names are boldfaced are required fields.

Section: Header Information

Feature Description and Instructions
To This may not be edited. It indicates the recipient of the Customer Service Information Request (AT&T Local Service)
Date & Time Request Sent Enter the date and time you are sending this request. We've automatically entered the date and time you accessed the form; you may keep this date and time or you may change it.
Transaction Number If you have a transaction number that you would like to associate with this form submission, enter that number in this field. This is for YOUR tracking purposes only and is not used by AT&T to process this request.
Type of Service Select the Business button to indicate that the service is for a business customer, or the Consumer VoIP (also known as Consumer CallVantage) button if the service is for residential customers. Note: Business is pre-selected for your convenience however, you may select Consumer if it applies to your customer. Please select one, not both.

Section: Requesting Company Contact

Feature Description and Instructions
Requesting Company Name Enter the name of the company filing the Customer Service Information Request.
Initiator Name Enter the individual, group or office name of the party that is placing this request.
Tel. # Enter the Initiator's business telephone number.
Initiator Address Enter the Initiator's Business Address. Include street name or number, city, state, and ZIP code; additionally, please provide Office and/or Building numbers, as appropriate.

Section: Means of Response to Requesting Company

Feature Description and Instructions
Means of response Select the radio button to receive the CSR and/or the Reject Notification from AT&T.
  • Email This is Pre-selected and is the only option at this time. You must populate the Initiator Email field.
Intiator Email
  • You MUST populate the Initiator Email field.
  • Enter the Initiator's business email address.
  • Please double check the email address that you have entered. Make sure it is correct.
  • If you fail to populate the Initiator Email field with a valid email address, you will not get the requested CSR.
Attention Enter the name of the individual to whom the CSR and/or Reject notice will be transmitted.
End User Authorization Obtained?

Select this checkbox to indicate that this request is sent with the full consent and authority of End User.

IMPORTANT: The placement of an indicator in the End User Authorization Obtained checkbox certifies that the requesting organization has the requisite authorization. It is understood and stated in the Guidelines Draft that companies will abide by the Federal Slamming Guidelines.

Section: Customer Location (End User)

Feature Description and Instructions
Name Enter the account name.
Service Address Enter the account street number and address
City, State, ZIP Enter the City name, State abbreviation, and 5-to-9 digit ZIP code.
Billing Telephone Number(s) Enter the complete 10-digit Billing Telephone Number of the primary telephone number(s) on the account.

Section: Response Reasons and Codes

Feature Description and Instructions
Response ID This field reserved for AT&T use. Do not enter.
Remarks This field reserved for AT&T use. Do not enter.

Section: Buttons

Feature Description and Instructions
Submit to Customer Service Click this button to submit the CSIR to Customer Service for reply.


  • Before you click this button, you should print a copy of the form for your records.
  • If you have entered a valid email address in the Initiator Email field, a copy will be delivered to this address
Reset Click this button to clear all data entered on this form.
Cancel Click this button to return to the page from which you accessed this form.

Note: If you accessed this form from a location outside of the AT&T Web site, you will be returned to that location.