Local Service Request

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Note: The area code is required for each entered telephone number, but that the "1-" prefix is not. All telephone numbers must be numeric. Anything other than numeric (for example: letters, special characters, etc.) will not be accepted.

LSR Forms

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Type of Service (ServiceCenter) *

To Gaining LSP:

Important Warning for ADL (AT&T Digital Link) SPID 7421 customer's ONLY. If the Customer has DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) provisioned on the AT&T SDN (Software Defined Network) as On-Net: No changes should be made to the Long Distance ARS (Automatic Route Selection) pattern associated with the SDN (Software Defined Network) Features without an order request to the customer's AT&T Account Team.

Simple Port *

a) Does not involve unbundled network elements; b) it is an existing local account only for a single line; c) does not include complex switch translations (e.g., Centrex, ISDN, AIN services, remote call forwarding, or multiple services on the loop); and d) does not involve resold services.

Administrative Information

Refer to the Form Instructions page for detailed information on how to complete the form.

No Yes

Service Center 7125 requires a 4 day lead time. Any request submitted after 3:00 PM MT with a DDD of three days or less in the future must be expedited. To submit an expedited request, you must select Y in the EXP field, and enter Expedite Remarks.

Optional for Service Center 7421 Only

CHC                               DDD-Time



Contact Section

Customer Location and Access

Service Details Section

All Ported Numbers must be Local Routing Numbers (NPT=D). For Service Center 7125, the Ten Digit Trigger (TDT) will be activated. For more information, click on Help.


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