EVPN to Managed AVPN Service Upgrade

The purpose of this document is to provide SWIFT End Users with need-to-know information about the AT&T initiated service upgrade from Enhanced VPN (EVPN) to AT&T VPN (AVPN).

AVPN is AT&T’s next generation VPN service, it will replace EVPN. Sunset target date for the existing EVPN service is October 31st 2018.

Customers choosing not to upgrade to AVPN are encouraged to take alternative measures to ensure continued access to the SWIFT platform after EVPN service withdrawal.

Upgrade to AVPN with reuse of the access circuit with installation of a new router

This scenario applies to sites where the EVPN local access circuit will be reused for migration to AVPN while the router will be upgraded.

PRELIMINARY NOTE: AT&T is responsible for communicating with SWIFT about access and port speed. To avoid confusion, end users are kindly requested not to reach out to SWIFT to provide information on access and port speed.

Ordering – change order sign-off by customer commercial contact

A new contracting event is not required. AT&T will issue a change order under the existing agreement.

As a first step in the migration process, the AT&T account team will reach out to the commercial contact for each site in scope. The commercial contact will be provided with the  change order for migration to AVPN, highlighting:

  • access price
  • intended migration scenario: access reuse with router replacement

The commercial contact will be asked for approval of the change order and for contact details of the local site contact.

Action required from customer commercial contact: change order sign-off and confirmation of local site contact.


As the router will be upgraded, the site contact will be asked for confirmation of the shipping address.

AT&T will coordinate router installation and AVPN configuration.

Action required from customer local site contact: confirm shipping address for router shipment and store the router in a safe place until installation.


Upon confirmation from the local site contact that the new router was received, the migration will be scheduled.

An engineer will be sent on site to install the new router and connect it to the existing access circuit. AVPN configuration will then be loaded to the router.

This type of migration with router installation will cause downtime to the network. An outage will occur while the router is being swapped.

Migrations can be performed at any time convenient for the site, including off-hours or during (non-AT&T maintenance) weekends.

The migration window contains a buffer for rollback to EVPN should any issues occur.

Action required from customer local site contact:

  • Test the POTS line for out of band access before router installation.
  • Confirm a suitable 4 hour window for an on-site engineer to complete router installation.
  • Assist with building access arrangements in case special procedures need to be followed.
  • Validate and confirm network performance after the migration

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