AT&T Connect Customer Care

AT&T Connect provides 24/7 technical support for our customers.  We offer several avenues for our end-users to reach our Customer Care group for even the most basic of questions.  If you have a question, encounter a problem, or require immediate assistance with an AT&T Connect conference, please do not hesitate to contact AT&T Connect Customer Care.

For live chat support – please click the blue Chat button on the bottom right by the scroll bar.


AT&T Connect Customer Care Contact Information


Web Conferencing Customer Care Toll-Free 1-888-796-6118
Caller-Paid & International * 1-847-562-7015
Audio Conferencing Customer Care Toll-Free 1-888-333-2505
Caller-Paid & International * 1-847-562-7017
Host Account Administration Toll-Free 1-800-526-2655
Caller-Paid & International * 1-816-523-9818
Billing & Invoice Inquiries Toll-Free 1-800-722-3481
Caller-Paid & International * 1-315-442-3121
* Additional in-country Customer Care numbers are located below and are also available to international hosts by accessing the global access link located on their registration confirmation.


AT&T Conferencing International Customer Care


Click here to download a list of the current AT&T Conferencing international customer care numbers.