AT&T Connect Support

The days of simply gathering around a conference room table are over. The people you need to reach are worldwide and highly mobile. Businesses need new methods of communicating that reduce costs and increase employee productivity.

AT&T Connect combines voice, web, and video in a single conferencing tool that empowers employees to communicate dynamically.

AT&T Connect: Communicate without Boundaries

AT&T Connect solves complicated problems with smart collaboration services. The opportunities are limitless. AT&T Connect provides the forum for communication that you have been waiting for with a range of meeting types, sizes, and business situations:

  • Use a smartphone to join a weekly call while away from the office
  • Collaborate with a team of subject matter experts while viewing and updating a document, real-time
  • Engage industry analysts around the world with a highly interactive Q&A session as your meeting concludes
  • Train sales reps on how to deliver a new customer presentation
  • Capture and report information on attendees to provide sales leads

Use this website as your primary resource for current training, product collateral, support documentation, downloadable add-ins, and additional information related to the AT&T Connect integrated conferencing platform.