AT&T Customer Service Information Request (Port Out)

Note: The form below should be used to request an AT&T CSR.

Refer to the Form Instructions page for detailed information on how to complete the form

Header Information

To: AT&T Local Business and AT&T Consumer VoIP Services
Date & Time
Request Sent:
Transaction Number:
Type of Service: Business (OCNs 7125 / 7421 and UNE-P)
Consumer VoIP (OCN 7125)
Note: Business is pre-selected for your convenience however, you may select Consumer if it applies to your customer. Please select one, not both.
Note: This form is not for AT&T Consumer Resale CSRs (UNE-P / Total Service Resale), please email these requests to Any requests for Consumer Resale CSRs via this web form will be rejected back to the requestor.

Requesting Company Contact

Requesting Company
Initiator Name:
Initiator Telephone:
Initiator Address:

Means of Response to Requesting Company

Means of response: Email  (You MUST populate the Initiator Email field below)
Initiator Email:
  Note:  Please double check the email address that you have entered.  Make sure it is correct.
If you fail to populate the Initiator Email field with a valid email address, you will not get the requested CSR.
End User Authorization

Note: If all information on this form is correct and the CSR is found, the CSR will be sent to the requestor within 24 hours.

Customer Location (End User)

Business Name:
Service Address:
City, State, ZIP:
City State ZIP
Billing Telephone
Please note that area code is required for each entered number, but that the "1-" prefix is not. All numbers are numeric. Anything other than numeric (for example: letters, special characters, etc.) will not be accepted. Submit additional forms if you have more than 12 entries.
Example entry:


Response Reasons and Codes (AT&T's Response to Requesting Party)

NOTE: This section for AT&T use only. No entry required or accepted.
Response ID:
Response Descriptions:
Acct TN or Customer Location not found 001
Acct TN not with AT&T 002
Incomplete - Incorrect info provided 003
Requested LOA - No Response 004
Incomplete - Incorrect Name 005
Incomplete - Incorrect Address 006
Duplicate 200
Requestor cancelled 201
Acct was with SBC before merger w/ AT&T 300
Acct was with Bell South before merger w/ AT&T 301
CSR Team is not Authorized for Government Accounts 500
LOA Missing 501


  • Please print this document before submitting.
  • After you have submitted a CSIR, you can check its status by calling (404) 486-8226.