About AT&T Global Services

The AT&T Global Services Canada offering is leading edge. We combine technical and management expertise to support the networks of our multinational customers and ensure they have access to resources no matter where they are in the world, or what time it is.

  • In Canada, AT&T works with Canadian-based corporate clients and individual customers to achieve a greater return on their communications investments by providing the skill, scale, scope and strength that they demand.

AT&T Global Services Canada is part of one of the most advanced and powerful global networks in the world. Our cross-country network services and hosting facility offers customers access to business markets around the globe.

  • Since our customers do business around the world, we leverage our AT&T team in every major business market around the world.
  • AT&T Business Solutions operates on six continents and has 160,000 employees worldwide.
  • The people in Canada are also part of this global team and many support customers that are not headquartered in Canada but may do business here.
  • Local support teams work with their global colleagues around the clock to service its Canadian-based corporate clients.