AT&T Addresses challenges for multinational companies moving to the cloud



High-Performing, Highly Secure Cloud Solutions Launch in Asia Pacific

HONG KONG, Dec 9, 2015AT&T* announced the launch of new high-performing, highly secure cloud connectivity solutions in Asia Pacific.  AT&T NetBond® and AT&T NetBond Essentials help multinational companies in the region enjoy the flexibility and economics of public cloud services with the security and performance of a private cloud environment.

Public cloud offers companies a way to save IT costs and easily access computing power. Yet, many business IT specialists have concerns about cloud security, performance, connection speeds and control. AT&T’s NetBond offerings help overcome these barriers. NetBond and NetBond Essentials use data centres in Asia Pacific to create a highly secure path between a customer’s VPN and cloud service providers.

Public cloud services are typically unreliable when transmitted over the public Internet. AT&T NetBond lets customers connect their business apps to the cloud over a high-performing private virtual network. And, the built-in security of the AT&T network helps protect the apps in the cloud.

“Businesses need simple, highly secure and reliable cloud services. Our NetBond customers can confidently move apps to the cloud and easily roll them out across their network. It gives them flexibility and cost savings,” said Andy Daudelin, vice president, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.  

Customers do not need to invest in more equipment or access lines for AT&T NetBond. They can keep using their existing AT&T virtual private network. It can eliminate the extra costs for internal staff support. And cloud management and invoicing is consistent across multiple markets.
NetBond works with an enterprise’s AT&T MPLS VPN network and with many major cloud service providers. It offers unique and important enhancements, like APIs and dynamic network bandwidth.  Cloud providers can connect quickly — in minutes, not weeks.  End-to-end APIs let them on-board the cloud service endpoints into the MPLS VPN network. Once connected, AT&T offers dynamic bandwidth and billing capabilities. Services are currently available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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