Télécoms Sans Frontières

Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) has provided emergency response to victims of natural disasters and conflict since 1998. Events such as earthquakes, civil unrest and floods can cause citizens to be separated from families and communities – and without the communications infrastructure needed to get in touch.

Télécoms Sans Frontières offers a call to every affected family – giving them the much-needed chance to speak to friends and relatives, find medical help and access emergency housing and food.

At the same time, TSF set up telecom centers to help crisis response teams from NGOs, UN agencies and local authorities, enabling them to undertake emergency tasks. These centers provide broadband Internet access, voice communications, fax lines and all the IT equipment they need.

In the longer term, the organization works with local governments to rebuild ICT support infrastructure and re-establish commercial networks ― a crucial step in getting communities on the road to recovery.

TSF has been deployed to more than 60 countries, supporting over 650 relief organizations and providing humanitarian calling operations to hundreds of thousands of people in need.

AT&T has been proud supporters of TSF since 2002, and has donated over $800,000 in that time. For more information, please visit