End User Support for Cisco Jabber

Find the resources you need to streamline your learning curve and enhance your business communications by using Cisco Jabber with AT&T. There are a series of tabbed sections below that contain User Guides and related support materials and software downloads for use on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and a variety of smart devices.


You must accept this Cisco Jabber® Emergency Services Acknowledgement to download Cisco Jabber® for use with Cisco Webex Calling with AT&T/Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T (CHCS) service.

Emergency Services Acknowledgement


By clicking “I agree” You acknowledge that You have received and understand the advisories concerning (i) the circumstances under which, and (ii) the non-US countries in which, emergency calling (including but not limited to E911 service or its equivalent in other countries) is not or may not be available with UC Voice that is provisioned with PSTN access by the Customer Administrator. “You,” “Your” in this Acknowledgement refer to you, an individual, and/or to the company or other entity on whose behalf you accept this Acknowledgement.


UC Voice utilizes a digital technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) and may be provided to Your Device (compatible PC, Wi-Fi or CRMS enabled tablet, or smartphone) over a wired or wireless broadband connection. Examples of the types of circumstances under which 911 service may not be available to You or is limited in comparison with traditional 911 telephone or wireless service include, but are not limited to:

  • If the Customer Administrator has not provisioned UC Voice with PSTN access, no access to 911 or E911 will be available.
  • If the Customer Administrator has provisioned UC Voice with PSTN access, 911/E911 SERVICES may be limited or unavailable when using UC Voice with Cisco Jabber under the following circumstances:
  • 9-1-1 is dialed from a location other than the registered location You provided;
  • Your broadband connection (wired, wireless and/or WI-FI) has been disrupted or impaired;
  • Your underlying data service plan has lapsed or has been disrupted or impaired;
  • Loss of electrical or battery power;
  • Delays have occurred in processing Your newly updated registered location;
  • Use of a non-native telephone number;
  • The Device is not located in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, CNMI or American Samoa.
  • 911 calls may be connected to a live operator who will route Your emergency call to an emergency first responder based on location information that You provide verbally.


If Your Device is equipped with an underlying wireless voice plan: In areas with sufficient wireless signal strength, emergency calls should be placed using the underlying wireless voice service on Your Device and not from the Cisco Jabber application. If you attempt to initiate a 911 call from Your Device using UC Voice with Cisco Jabber, the call is not likely to go through.

If Your Device does not have any underlying wireless voice plan (for example, it is a Wi-Fi only Device) or (ii) Your underlying wireless voice service is unavailable, Emergency calling, including 911 Services, is not available.


You further acknowledge that emergency calls placed from Jabber Mobile Applications on CMRS enabled devices will generally be handled over the cellular network. When cellular coverage is not available, voice over Wi-Fi calling capability (including 911 calls) generally will not be available.

Voice: Additional information, limitations and advisories related to voice and video service may be found in the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T Service Guide found in the SG Library at http://serviceguidenew.att.com

Cisco Jabber: Additional information regarding Cisco Jabber is available directly from Cisco.

By submitting, I agree to the terms and conditions set forth above.

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