End User Support

We’ve assembled a wealth of resources to help you get the most out of your Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T (CHCS) Voice and Video communications.


Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about the service.

Access the Self Care website with your Password; access features on your phone with your PIN.

Input with your PC keyboard through the Personal Directory on the Self Care website

Fast = [Dial] from a directory; Speed = a pre-set button; Abbr. = input 01-99 from a pre-set list

Press the [Transfer] soft key and dial the five-digit extension of the intended recipient

You can personalize ringtones, directories and dialing, but you cannot currently add personal photos

Your phone might be different from the one shown in the User Guide (a 7942G), or you might have a level of service that does not include that feature. See User Guide: Levels of Services

The intercom is for one-way, point-to-point announcements, and is configured on a speed-dial key.

See User Guide: Redial last number AND Fast Dial a number in call history

6900 models 7900 models 8900 and 9900 models

6900 models 7900 models 8900 and 9900 models