Business Continuity: Preparing for the Unexpected

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A survey of Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo 2011 attendees found that business continuity is one of the top two priorities for enterprise decision makers in 2012. (Source Schindler Technology, October 2011) Business and financial decision makers recognize that the consequences of any failure in business continuity can be disastrous in terms of customer service and satisfaction, reputation damage and financial cost. That makes continuity a strategic business issue, not a technical one, and involves all senior decision makers.

Major natural disasters such as floods, pandemics, civil unrest or other major events are becoming more and more frequent; in fact, 2011 was a record year, increasing the risk to business. However, many business failures result from problems in the supply chain, product recalls, compliance issues or day-to-day incidents and small disruptions such as data corruption, computer viruses, network problem or workplace inaccessibility. The causes are less dramatic, but the consequences can still be extremely serious.

The first six months of 2011 saw $265 billion in economic losses due to natural disasters, well above the previous record of $220 billion. (Source That’s why it pays to be prepared, with a business continuity plan that ensures the availability of critical services, processes and operations. The aim of a business continuity plan is to reduce risk and ensure continued financial and competitive success by supporting strategic and tactical resilience across an organization. With the right plan in place, your organization can continue working in the event of a disaster and make an orderly recovery and resumption of normal working.

This white paper examines how multinational organizations can spread the risk by implementing business continuity on a global scale. Technologies such as mobility and virtualization enable global operations to continue, regardless of a disaster in a specific location. With a global business continuity plan, your organization becomes less dependent on local facilities.

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