Your New AT&T Bill

New Bill Highlights

We've redesigned your bill to help you find the information you need even faster. Learn more about our features below.

1. Bill at a Glance

A quick summary of charges, payments and adjustments to your account.

2. Total Amount Due

Sum of all charges incurred during the billing period and any past due charges.

3. Bill Due Date

The date your payment is due in full.

4. Billing Summary

Provides a high-level look at total charges for each Group and Sub-Account.

5. Details of Payments and Adjustments

Appears on your Billing Statement when two or more payments and/or adjustments have been made to your account during that billing period.

6. Account Number

Unique 13-digit number used to identify your business. Have this number ready any time you call an AT&T company to add services, or ask questions about your bill.

7. Current Charges

Details of Recurring, One Time, Prorated Usage, Taxes and Surcharges by Service for each Sub-Account/Location. Total Current Charges will be tied back to Current Charges in the Bill-At-A-Glance section.

8. Payment Remittance

Removable payment stub with your account number, the amount due, and the remit-to address.

9. News You Can Use

Important regulatory and marketing messages pertaining to your account included on the back of most bill types.

Bill Design Options

You can select a bill design according to your needs. Contact your Account Executive for more information.


A highly-detailed billing format containing the most information.


Omits the details to give you a high-level summary of billing charges and your credits.


The minimum details for those who wish to only know what they owe.