Managed Tiered Security Services


Managed Tiered Security Services (MTSS) provide agencies with one of four security levels or tiers. Tiers one and two are mandatory while tiers three and four are optional.

Tier 1 service supports basic Internet connectivity and is appropriate for non-mission critical functions or non-sensitive communications. AT&T provides dedicated help desk capabilities 24 hours a day, every day for all issues concerning service delivery.

Tier 2 service provides security enhancements with additional protection from unauthorized activities and the proliferation of malicious code. It includes a combination of firewall, premises-based virtual private network (encrypted tunnels), filtering router, proxy server and boundary anti-virus detection technologies.  Tier 2 is tailored to Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) mission functions and information.

Tier 3 service includes all the security enhancements of Tier 2 and is tailored to protect extremely sensitive information up to and including National Security Information (NSI).  Typical users include federal law enforcement agencies, counter-terrorism practitioners, cyber incident response teams, inter-agency collaborators and special communities of interest. 

Tier 4 service is for highly sensitive telecommunication requirements typically designated as “Special Category,” protecting critical functions while ensuring the highest levels of performance, survivability, and resistance to external compromise. Tier 4 services are tailored to meet general and national level guidance for the processing of NSI classified functions such as Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information(SCI)and Single Integrated Operational Plan – Extremely Sensitive Information (SIOP-ESI).