Internet Protocol Services and MTIPS


Internet Protocol Services (IPS) allow agencies access the Internet, intranets and extranets, per GSA requirements. IPS include several access types (private line, frame, ATM, etc.), speeds from 64Kbps to OC-192c, several SDP demarcation points and optional features, such as a web-based directory service.

The Managed Trusted Internet Service (MTIPS) enables agencies to connect to the public Internet or other external connections in full compliance with the OMB Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) initiative (M-08-05) announced in November 2007. MTIPS is a fully managed solution comprised of public Internet connectivity, the TIC portal, the network infrastructure to transport Internet Protocol traffic between the Agency Enterprise WAN and the TIC Portal including management of a premise-based firewall, and a Security Operation Center.  MTIPS enables the agencies to react more effectively to cyber security attacks, reducing malicious penetrations and theft of critical data.