Converged IP

Converged IP Services (CIPS) deliver integrated voice, video and data carried on a common network infrastructure. Agencies realize increased productivity resulting from easy information sharing, maintenance and administration, maximized utility of available bandwidth and optimized network services. CIPS connects to, and interoperates with, the public phone network, the Internet and agency LANs.

CIPS provides secure, converged voice, data, and video communications services over a common IP network connection to the subscribing agency. Capabilities include:

  • Voice service features – call transfer, call conferencing, call forwarding or find me/follow me forwarding, caller ID and caller ID blocking, do not disturb; incoming/outgoing call logs, speed dialing, voice mail, 911 and E911 services
  • Host computer requirements – Active directory support, compatible with MS Windows Win 9x/NT/2K or higher O/S, UNIX, Linux, Novell or Macintosh
  • Secure communications paths for unclassified but sensitive level, up to classified level (MTSP level 4)
  • 508 compliant and meets NS/EP requirements