National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP)


All federal agencies must have a comprehensive National Security/Emergency Preparedness program that includes a highly reliable telecommunications infrastructure, which can provide priority access to the services available through Networx.

In the event of an emergency, agencies will have resilient voice and data connections through the following suite of NS/EP services:


Government Emergency Telecommunication Services (GETS)
  • Priority call processing provides Government GETS subscribers access to AT&T voice network during emergency situations
  • Critical users have access to GETS network 24x7 through universal NS/EP access number, 710-NCS-GETS
Wireless Priority Service (WPS)
  • Priority cellular network access for Government wireless subscribers
  • Critical users dial *272 code to queue for priority access to cellular transponder
Telecommunication Service Priority (TSP) Provides Government Agencies with priority service in restoring or provisioning service
NS/EP Number Translation (NT) Non-Traceability Voice Service Provides critical users the ability to eliminate the capture of call detail records and caller identification, making calls nontraceable

The AT&T Difference

  • AT&T Network Disaster Recovery Service – Highly skilled network disaster recovery team with patented mobile disaster recovery equipment and a mobile network continuity fleet of over 500 custom-built trailers support agencies 24x7 when disaster strikes

  • AT&T – the largest provider to the National Communications System (NCS) As part of the Department of Homeland Security, the NCS offers a suite of priority telecommunications services for NS/EP.  AT&T is the largest provider to the NCS for the underlying network services that support its priority telecom services for NS/EP communications.

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