Surplus Declaration Overview (51214765)

Available for viewing and printing below are the handouts for the Surplus Declaration Overview. During the Surplus Declaration Overview, an AT&T Career Support Coordinator will discuss the Force Management Timeline, AT&T Option Plans, Benefits, AT&T Transfer System, Job Claiming, Alliance Information, AT&T Career Support Services and Pension Plan information.  It is very important that you enroll in a Surplus Declaration Overview so that you can better understand your options and entitlements and help you make an informed
decision about your future. Be sure to make a copy of the attachments so you can follow along during the overview.

To participate in a Surplus Declaration Overview session (Course Number 51214765), please enroll via the web at:
or contact the Learning Solutions HELP DESK @ 404-927-0290 if you need assistance.

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If you have any questions please call the Career Support Coordinator above
who is responsible for your state.

SDO ATTOP Overview

ARC Overview

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