AT&T Career Support Services Candidates

Only to be used by Current or Former AT&T employees covered under the Legacy AT&T CWA Operations Agreement.

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding our candidates. The AT&T Career Support Services includes emailing lists. We’d like to invite you to join our email mailing list for recruiters available through Yahoo! Groups. Please click on the following link ( and then click “Join This Group”. (You’ll have to sign up for the Yahoo! service and the recruiters group as well.) As you know, AT&T Career Support Services participants are very talented and possess various skills and backgrounds. As a member of this group, you will periodically receive emails with detailed information on how you can take advantage of new options as they become available – options such as those detailed below. Joining this group is the best and most efficient way you may keep in touch with the Career Support Services!

Feel free to share this message with your colleagues!

There are a few ways that recruiters can connect with participants of the AT&T Career Support Services. They are described below…

We encourage our candidates to post their resumes on Resume Reserve and encourage employers to search the database for our candidates. Resume Reserve is a password protected resume database of the AT&T Career Support Services outplacement partner, Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH). Check out the website at and click on “Resume Reserve” for more information. There is no charge to utilize Resume Reserve but you must register. Once registered, you will have access to the posted resumes of Career Support Services candidates and other LHH clients.

In addition, we encourage our candidates to also post their resumes on the more popular sites such as and These sites charge employers for access to resumes.

If you would like to advertise your job ads through our email mailing system, please send them via email to or via fax at 281-664-3801.

Instructions for sending job advertisements:

  • Please send job advertisements in a text format for easy distribution. Tables, graphics, headers and footers, for example, won’t translate well through email.
  • Be sure to include title, brief description, job location(s), and a contact person for each position.
  • You may include website links to your company’s jobs or resume posting database.
  • Any faxes or email attachments will be physically posted in the Career Support Services only.

You may also manually input your job leads on the Lee Hecht Harrison global job lead database, LeadLink. LeadLink is accessed by Career Support Services candidates and thousands of other LHH clients. Check out the website at and click on “LeadLink”. There is no charge to utilize LeadLink.