AT&T Global Network Client for Windows

Version 10.4.0 Available

Version 10.4.0 of the AT&T Global Network Client for Remote Access is available.

Enhancements included in recent releases include:

  • Improved Lightweight Policy Enforcement capability by adding support for Drive Encryption, Data Loss
  • Implemented a new, more reliable database using SQLite for LPE Rules, Profiles, Preferences, Auto
    Start, and Config Settings
  • Address security and vulnerability concerns found by Veracode scan
  • Remove support for deprecated functions, including Gopher and Socks proxy
  • Bug Fix – database error experienced when upgrading from versions prior to 9.9.0
  • Implemented a new, more reliable database using SQLite for Bookmarks, Focus connect/disconnect
    records, Service Manager Reporting System, and event logging
  • Updated OPSWAT Lightweight Policy Enforcement to provide support for new applications and new
    versions of existing applications
  • Add the ability to set the multi factor authentication timeout to allow for unique situations (i.e. a user
    takes a while to respond)
  • Added a customization option to select the machine and user certificate to use by defining a partial
    certificate name
  • Improve logging messages for asset validation
  • Update SQLite to version 3.32.3
  • Hide service selection panel to simplify the configuration options
  • Activity threshold timeout has been disabled by default to avoid unexpected disconnection from VPN
    during periods of minimal network traffic
  • Added capability to automatically process the customization file config.xml at startup if a new version is

In addition, AT&T now offers more than 1M* Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 100 countries that are available to Remote Access Users who utilize the AT&T Global Network Client. The total AT&T Wi-Fi footprint is comprised of both AT&T Wi-Fi branded locations and AT&T partner Wi-Fi locations across the world.

* All hot spots available in version 9.2 and later. Earlier versions support no more than approximately 700K hotspots.

Latest Downloads

Name Version Date Download
AT&T Global Network Client


This version contains the VPN software required to use AT&T’s managed VPN services.  The majority of customers use this version.

If you were previously using the Managed VPN Edition or the LaptopConnect Edition, you will want to upgrade using this installation package.

10.4.0 March 31, 2021 Download

All installation packages install on all supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit) and Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit).

Alternate (MSI) Versions

Software Export

Product Name ECCN Restricted/Unrestricted CCATS
AT&T Global Network Client (56 bit) 5D002 Unrestricted G014990
AT&T Global Network Client (3DES/AES) 5D002 Unrestricted G032606