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High speed Voice over IP service for your home or business

Voice over IP from AT&T reinvents the way you use your phone by merging it with your high speed Internet connection. VoIP from AT&T converts your voice into data and uses your high speed Internet connection to send and receive calls. Connect your home or business with VoIP service from AT&T and start enjoying the remarkable voice quality, powerful new features, and comprehensive savings that AT&T can deliver.

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AT&T U-verse Voice (available in select markets) lets you enjoy your favorite features that save time and provide great value — Click to Call from your AT&T U-verse TV, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and much more.

Customers subscribing to both AT&T U-verse TV and Voice are provided an added feature, Call History and Click to Call, which displays missed and answered calls on your TV screen and with a click of your remote returns a call.

With U-verse Voice, you can…

  • manage call preferences, voice mails, contacts, call history and more from any PC
  • access landline and AT&T wireless messages in one voice mailbox that can be reached from any phone or PC
  • view a list of your last 500 incoming and outgoing calls on your computer,
    and view incoming calls from that list on your AT&T U-verse TV screens
  • maintain an online address book that’s accessible from any PC

And much more!

AT&T Business in a BoxSM provides small locations voice and data services over a single network connection and device. Whether you are a small business or a larger business with satellite locations, this service delivers Voice over IP via AT&T Voice DNASM, a network hosted solution or via AT&T IP Flexible Reach, an IP trunking solution.

AT&T Business in a BoxSM features an AT&T managed device equipped with data ports and connectors. In addition, the service offers Internet access routing with built-in firewall protection, virtual private network and even Wi-Fi data access.

By selecting AT&T as your VoIP provider, you will be getting your voice service and secure Internet access through

  • One provider
  • One connection
  • A cost-effective and easy to deploy solution

An option like this could help you better focus on your customers and grow your core business.

Whether you are a smaller, medium or larger organization; you have one or multiple locations; or you have mobile or remote employees, let us help you choose the AT&T VoIP calling service solution that is right for you.

  • Integrate voice and data lines
  • Ensure effective VoIP deployment & management
  • Facilitate communication among numerous branch locations & remote
  • Choose from a range of premises-based and hosted VoIP solutions

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