AT&T All In One: Voicemail Services

Instructions For Use


Accessing Your Voice Messaging Service

To access your new AT&T Voicemail Service using your telephone number from the phone assigned this feature:

  1. Dial your telephone number

    You will hear your voicemail greeting.

  2. Press * while the greeting message is playing.

    You will hear: "Please enter your passcode, or if you are not at your own phone, press *, or press # to leave a message in another mailbox."

  3. Enter your personal passcode.
To access your new AT&T Voicemail Service by using the AT&T Voicemail access number from any phone line:
  1. Dial the access number.
  2. Press *
  3. Enter your 10-digit telephone number (mailbox number)
  4. Enter your personal passcode.

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Voicemail Main Menu

  • Listen

    To listen to your messages, press 1.

  • Send

    To send a message to another person or to a group, press 2.

  • Reminders

    To set a reminder message for yourself, press 3. (Note: One-time reminders are an optional feature.)

  • Mailbox Options

    To change your greetings, name or passcode, press 9.

    • For greetings, press 1
    • For passcode, press 2
    • Other options, press 9

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Special Voicemail Keys

These keys can be used at anytime.

  • Press * to Cancel and Exit, or Go Back

    The "star" key stops the current action and returns you to the previous set of options.

  • Press 0 for Help

    The "zero" key provides you with information to assist you.

  • Press # to Complete and Skip, or Go Forward

    The "pound" key completes the current action and moves you to the next menu.

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Message Waiting Indicator

Message Waiting Indicator is provided as a stuttered or interrupted dial tone. When you lift the handset of your telephone subscribing to Voice Mail, you will hear a rapid dial tone (stuttered dial tone) if a new message has been received in your voice mailbox.

The stuttered dial will consist of 5 or 6 short tones. Outbound calls can be dialed when the stuttered dial tone ends. The stuttered dial tone will be eliminated once the new messages in your voice mail box have been retrieved.

If your telephone or other equipment attached to your phone line (such as a Caller ID unit) is equipped with a light or other visual indicator, MWI will also send a signal to your equipment to activate the light when a new message is received in your voice mail box. If a message is received while you are on the phone, the lamp will be illuminated when you disconnect the call.

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Setting Up Group Lists

  • To set up Group Lists, press 911 from the main menu.
  • To review a group, press 1
  • To change a group, press 2
  • To delete a group, press 3
  • To create a group, press 4
    1. You will be prompted to enter a group number and to record a name for the group.
    2. Enter the mailbox number of each person to be included in the group.
    3. You can cancel any incorrect action by pressing *.

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Pager Notification

  1. For Pager Notification*, press 992 from the main menu.
  2. Then press 2 for Pager Notification:
    • Use this optional feature to assign a pager number that will be called when a message is received in your mailbox. If you use a tone pager, you will hear its usual beep.
    • With a digital pager, your mailbox number will be displayed. If you use a voice pager, you will hear the first 20 seconds of the message.
  3. * NOTE: Pager notification is an optional feature of AT&T Voice Messaging. You must request the Pager Option when ordering the Voicemail feature.

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Special Delivery/Out Calling

  1. For Special Delivery/Out Calling, press 992 from the main menu.
  2. Then press 3 for Special Delivery

    With this optional feature, you can select a telephone number to be called when a message is received in your mailbox.

    • Press 1 to turn on/off the feature.
    • Press 2 to review mailbox/pager/telephone number.
    • Press 3 to change mailbox/pager/telephone number.
    • Press 9 to restrict the messages that will activate Pager Notification and Special Delivery. You can specify to be notified exclusively of messages sent from a certain mailbox or of a message marked urgent.

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