AT&T and FirstNet

AT&T & FirstNet

AT&T is honored to work with FirstNet to build, deploy and maintain the first-ever nationwide public safety broadband network for America’s first responders. This opportunity aligns with our nearly 140-year history of serving the U.S. federal government and the public safety community. We’re committed to helping deliver the next generation of highly secure, reliable, and innovative mobile broadband communications to first responders through the FirstNet network.

Why FirstNet?

  • FirstNet’s public safety mission is to create a nationwide broadband network for America’s public safety community. The FirstNet network will strengthen and modernize public safety’s communications capabilities, enabling them to coordinate and respond more quickly and effectively in accidents, disasters, and emergencies. It will provide first responders like law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel with access to new technologies and increased capacity and reliability for their mobile communications and data needs.
  • The purpose of the FirstNet network is to help unify and improve communications across the U.S. public safety community – including all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia, as well as rural communities and tribal lands in those states and territories – to help keep America and the first responders who protect our country safe.
  • First responders across the country currently rely on more than 10,000 separate radio networks which often times do not interoperate with one another. By deploying a nationwide broadband public safety network built specifically to meet the communications needs of first responders, the FirstNet network will provide a solution to the decades-long interoperability and communications challenges first responders have experienced.
  • The FirstNet network will support next generation technologies that can enable a faster flow of information, allowing millions of first responders to make better decisions more quickly. This will help make our communities and first responders safer.

Why AT&T for FirstNet?

  • AT&T is uniquely qualified and capable to deliver FirstNet’s public safety mission. We’ve been helping to enable public safety communications for nearly 140 years, allowing our public safety agencies and first responders to focus on what matters most – protecting communities and saving lives.
  • AT&T is well positioned to deliver the value and experience our first responders expect, and we’re committed to building and maintaining the first-ever nationwide public safety broadband network.

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