AT&T Public Safety Solutions

Helping first responders keep communities safer

AT&T and FirstNet

FirstNet AT&T is honored to work with FirstNet to build, deploy and maintain the first-ever nationwide public safety broadband network for America's first responders. Learn more

AT&T has a nearly 140-year tradition of investing in and improving communications for public safety agencies and first responders.

Interoperable, reliable solutions from AT&T are designed to help first responders access critical data and applications remotely and to communicate more effectively in the field.

The AT&T network offers resilience, security, and emergency and disaster preparedness to help keep people connected in critical situations.

LTE interoperability with land mobile radio (LMR) networks

LTE interoperability with land mobile radio (LMR) networks. AT&T offers a scalable, highly secure, and managed carrier solution to connect LMR networks with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. Public safety agencies now have a push-to-talk solution that extends network coverage to a nationwide footprint, while controlling costs and preserving capital investments in LMR.

Read the brochure on LTE LMR interoperability

Read this white paper on push-to-talk

AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management

Learn about AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management. We use Quality of Service (“QoS”) network technology to enable qualified first responders to prioritize their mission-critical data traffic on the AT&T 4G LTE network.

Additionally, public safety benefits from priority access to the AT&T-owned domestic 4G LTE Network.

Read the brochure: AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management – Public Safety

Next Generation 9-1-1

Learn about Next Generation 9-1-1 call routing. Modernize with a smarter service. AT&T ESIneTM Service® helps your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) fully harness the promise of NG9-1-1 by transforming emergency communications. With AT&T, it's never been easier to connect and protect communities with advanced communications like Text-to-9-1-1.

For more information about AT&T Next Generation 9-1-1, visit

Network disaster recovery

Learn about network disaster recovery. AT&T is committed to keeping customers connected—even in the wake of unpredictable, catastrophic events—by continually maintaining the reliability of the AT&T global network.

Learn more about network disaster recovery:

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Cooperative purchasing from AT&T

Learn about cooperative purchasing from AT&T. Help your qualified state or local government organization receive valuable savings and benefits from expedited NPPGov & NASPO procurement.

Learn more about state and local mobility contracts through AT&T