Network Disaster Recovery

Special Operations

NDR Special Operations team members in a training exercise in Cleveland, OH in 2016

NDR formed its Special Operations team in 2002 to provide AT&T with the ability to maintain the telecommunications and support equipment in an office that has been contaminated by chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) hazards. The team includes over twenty-five NDR members who have completed the training to become hazardous materials technicians and who receive ongoing training each year to maintain their skills and certifications.

AT&T would activate its NDR Special Operations Team to assess damage to an office (after it was released by governing authorities) that may have been compromised by hazardous materials. The team would perform the initial reconnaissance of the office and then perform maintenance tasks until the contamination was contained or otherwise remediated. The team could also be called upon to salvage critical network infrastructure from a contaminated office.

The team is equipped with SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) and a variety of protective suits, including Level A suits that fully-encapsulate the responder. NDR joins with AT&T’s Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) organization to assure that the team members are well-trained and that they are properly protected during building entries. The EH&S members act as the team's safety officers, write the event's health and safety plan and are responsible for the ongoing hazard assessment (determining level of risk and level of protection the team will need to use in the contaminated "hot zone").