AT&T Solutions for Healthcare

When it comes to treating patients, the more information you have the better. We are committed to providing healthcare entities with a robust suite of communications services that are highly reliable and highly secure. AT&T Solutions for Healthcare provide support across the continuum of care - from hospitals to physicians to patients.

Increase network capacity for greater speed and productivity

We can build a network that meets your needs – now and years from now. We can keep it running with round-the-clock monitoring. You can have much needed peace of mind to keep your focus where it belongs: improving patient outcomes.

  • AT&T Ethernet delivers high bandwidth and high reliability, including an “on-demand” function that lets you dial bandwidth up during busy times or down when traffic is light.
  • AT&T Dedicated Internet  is our best fiber-based managed internet access with dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth (same upload and download speeds) from 1.5 Mbps – 100 Gbps.  You can have the flexibility you need to support your ever-increasing demands for cloud-based resources and high reliability and performance to support your most demanding, mission critical applications.

Create a culture of security

Protecting your network from cyberattacks can be a challenge.  The types of attacks and methods are evolving very quickly.  With a vast number of healthcare records, rich with personal, medical, and financial detail, the healthcare industry is one of the leading targets for cyber criminals.  We can help you meet the challenge of protecting your network with our cloud or premises-based security and cybersecurity consulting services.

  • Cloud Web Security Service provides near real-time protection against viruses, malware, and hackers. It provides highly reliable Web protection and content filtering with cloud-based controls that you administer.
  • Threat Manager Log Analysis Service uses advanced log analytics to provide near real-time visibility into the malicious activity on your network, as well as expert threat analysis and mitigation.
  • DDoS Defense is designed to detect the presence of a DDoS attack in near real-time. It supports blocking of malicious packets while working to maintain the flow of legitimate network traffic and helps stop denial-of-service traffic floods before they can choke your network.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting provides you security experts to complement your team. We can work with you to test your network defenses, resolve critical information cybersecurity breaches, and help you to work towards your compliance mandates.

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Virtualize to enhance connectivity and efficiency

  • AT&T VPN Services  provide network-based, premises-based, remote access, and hybrid VPN solutions. VPN options include MPLS VPN, IPSec VPN, and SD-WAN options.
  • AT&T NetBond for Cloud extends your private MPLS VPN network all the way to the cloud. We integrate our connections with leading Cloud Service Providers via software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities and proprietary technology. That way, you get a highly secure, scalable, predictable performance connection to your most essential cloud based applications.
  • AT&T FlexWare helps you to virtualize network functions, like routers, firewalls, and Wide Area Network (WAN) accelerators, with a software-enabled service. Virtualization can help save time and money by simplifying infrastructure configuration and management.

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Mobile healthcare essentials

Your practice runs on communication and depends on confidentiality.  Whether you are a physician sharing a patient's lab results with a specialist, or a nurse updating a doctor on a patient's condition, you must comply with healthcare privacy regulations.  Mobile solutions from AT&T give you the reliable performance you need to reach your team in an instant, with options that provide end-to-end encryption to help comply with privacy regulations.

  • AT&T Consulting, Mobility and IoT Professional Services provides the experience and expertise to help guide you through a multistep process to identify, design and integrate patient engagement and practice efficiency solutions.
  • AT&T Enterprise Mobility Management helps take the complexity out of mobility with a suite of mobile device, application, and content management services that are packaged to meet your needs, optimize your assets, and help make your teams more agile.
  • AT&T Business Messaging  offers encrypted, highly secure messaging options that work seamlessly with paging and notification applications to let you efficiently communicate with one person or groups as large as to 20,000 recipients while supporting regulatory compliance.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)   Caregivers are getting a better-rounded picture of patient health and making faster medical decisions using the Internet of Things.

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