AT&T Public Safety

Protect. Collabortate. Respond. Supporting our First Responders.

Learn how AT&T helps Public Safety agencies protect their assets, collaborate to fill their missions, and rapidly respond to emergencies.

At AT&T, safety and security are our heritage. For over 120 years, AT&T Labs has been developing and implementing technology innovations to help ensure that our network remains operational and withstands attacks from natural and manmade events. Because the government’s and the public's reliance on the services we provide increases during emergencies, it is vital that we are able to respond rapidly to whatever challenges arise in our network.  As a result of protecting our own communication infrastructure for more than a century, we have amassed an extensive expertise in emergency preparedness and response.

The AT&T Government Solutions Public Safety team is comprised of dedicated professionals who work closely with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Department of State and other agencies, offering solutions they can count on during times of crisis and uncertainty:

Employ innovative technology to achieve your agency’s ongoing mission with specialized solutions developed to your specifications by experienced AT&T professionals.