Customer Service

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Please call the appropriate Customer Service group and the first available representative will assist you.

General Support
Ordering 888-443-3288 Prompt "1"
Billing 800-328-2988 Prompt "2"
Maintenance 888-857-8823  
Service/Program Specific Support
Networx Information 877-GET-NTWX  
AT&T BusinessDirect® 800-221-0000 Web Portal
Strategic Communication Service (SCS) 800-506-3177 Prompt "3"
DISN Tranmission Service CONUS (DTS-C) 800-506-3177 Prompt "3"
Calling Card Services 888-288-7798  
Universal Enterprise Management Services 800-809-7210  
Satellite Services:    
- Help Desk 888-857-8823  
- Billing Contact Us  
AT&T Mobility
General Inquiries 800-331-0500 
Ordering 800-222-0300
Inquiries via TTY access 866-429-7889
Web: Customer Service
Web: Technical Support
AT&T Consumer
General Inquiries 800-222-0300
Billing 800-222-0300
Long Distance 800-222-0300
Local Service 800-288-2747
AT&T WorldNet 800-400-1447
Web: AT&T Consumer Customer Service
AT&T Business
Small Business Markets Customer Care 800-222-0400
Web: AT&T Business Customer Service

If you are not a Federal government customer, please refer to the appropriate AT&T Customer Service telephone number.