Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS): Cybersecurity

Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service

AT&T Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS) provides a robust, highly secure and TIC 2.0-compliant means to access the Internet and other external networks. MTIPS provides agencies with state-of-the-art security services leveraging Security Operations Analysis Center (SOAC), Security Operations Management Center (SOMC) and Threat Management System (TMS) services. The MTIPS solution is based on a dual-rail architecture within each TIC portal. Agencies benefit from increased availability, reliability and enhanced performance since traffic is not re-routed to the disaster recovery TIC portal during a single component failure or during routine system upgrade operations.

Managed Security Service

AT&T Managed Security Service (MSS) offers a state of the art, sophisticated suite of security tools that help agencies maintain continuity of operations and achieve mission progress and goals. Operating one of the largest networks in the world, AT&T applies its internal operational techniques to protect agency networks. The engineers of AT&T Labs have made significant contributions developing security services that answer the need to address a defense in depth architecture - from the information level through the network level.

Intrusion Prevention Security Service

AT&T Intrusion Prevention Security Service (IPSS) solution aggregates the agency’s inbound and outbound Internet traffic, monitors traffic, detects and filters malicious email and provides Domain Name Service (DNS) protection using classified Government Furnished Information (GFI) threat indicators. Agencies will benefit from IPSS by leveraging the government’s knowledge and investment in identifying cyber threats while receiving an integrated commercial-based security service.