Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS): Equipment, Labor and Other

Equipment, SRE

AT&T offers a wide variety of Service Related Equipment (SRE) in multiple configurations to fulfill the solution in the most efficient and effective manner.

Professional Services

AT&T's talent-rich professional services organization plans and assesses agency IT and networking infrastructure to help develop appropriate strategies and customized solutions that best meet the needs of an agency. Professional Services provide a proactive, comprehensive approach to security, networking and compliance across the entirety of an agency's network.

Cable and Wiring, ABFS

Agencies will receive cable and wiring services (CWS) that augment the full scope of EIS services.

National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSEP)

The National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) community spans the Federal, State, local, tribal and territorial governments, public safety and emergency responders, industry partners who are responsible for maintaining the Nation’s critical infrastructure, and other authorized users. Organizations that rely on telecommunications on a daily basis to provide public health, maintain law and order, ensure public safety, and/or provide financial or utility service should enroll in these vital priority services.

The Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS), Wireless Priority Service (WPS), and Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) programs provide key Federal, State, local, tribal and territorial governments, and first responder and industry organizations with communications capabilities to support emergency response incidents. The EIS contract supports subscribers to the GETS and WPS programs, and the EIS contract supports TSP assignment to the applicable wireline transport services.