Mobility Solutions. Stay Connected.

Did you know that the largest communications provider in the nation delivers turnkey IT solutions to federal agencies? In fact, we have a proven track record of implementing, managing and supporting 70+ programs ranging from
modeling and simulation to education and training and more.

Put Us To The Task. We Can Deliver:

  • Core capabilities for 90% of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) IT solution categories:
    • Infrastructure Services
    • Applications Services
    • IT Management Services
  • The remaining 10% through our relationships with small and large businesses that provide complementary capabilities

AT&T blends the best of all worlds to serve our federal customers, combining communications technology with proven IT solutions capabilities and innovation from AT&T Labs. Our affiliated companies, USi and Sterling Commerce, also provide services.

Why Choose AT&T?

  • Proven Results from the Largest U.S. IT Solutions Provider and a Global Service Provider – We develop technologies that leverage our existing infrastructure for multiple customer use. Unlike one-time IT projects, AT&T’s IT and software engineering teams build systems and applications that are repeatable and refined over time with ongoing investment and IT support
  • Single Source Provider – Full range of scalable, secure standard or customized IT solutions under one roof. Since AT&T is also a network provider, we can effectively deliver high-performance, network-centric IT applications
  • Solid Record – 70+ past performance examples demonstrate our ability to deliver best in class IT solutions
  • Certified and Experienced Professionals – Certified and Experienced Professionals – 30+ years experience delivering IT solutions to agencies
  • Dedicated Federal Team – 4,000 employees serve the federal government, every day. 85% have government-sponsored accesses and clearances
  • Strategic Relationships – With 2,500+ businesses and a track record of exceeding small business sub-contracting objectives
  • National and Global Presence – Ubiquitous communications services and IT solutions across the U.S. and in more than 240 countries. We are where agencies are
  • GSA Partner – We are the only company awarded the following GSA flagship contracts: Networx Universal, Networx Enterprise, SATCOM II and Alliant.
    • AT&T is strongly positioned to provide federal agencies with the complete suite of customized or off-the-shelf IT and telecom services through these four GSA contracts
  • AT&T Labs – Our in-house R&D, delivers innovative services and technologies
    • Dedicated and secured facilities – around the world ensure continuity of operations for civilian and defense agencies