Transition from traditional voice to VoIP

E-rate modernization can help K-12 schools to make savings in a number of ways. Both SIP trunking and hosted VoIP can simplify network management and lower IT costs by allowing school districts to consolidate voice, video and data traffic across a single network infrastructure.

A key benefit of SIP trunking is the potential for significant savings on monthly phone service with call costs subsidized by the E-rate discount. Also, when compared to a legacy phone system, SIP trunking does not require schools to pay a flat rate for call capacity they may not need to use.

While the monthly savings are lower with Hosted VoIP (generally about 10 percent when compared to a Centrex-based solution) schools districts can benefit from features that save time and improve staff productivity.

Opportunities to save
Research has shown that institutions save 33% on monthly calling charges when migrating from legacy PRI to SIP. Webtorials study 2012

E-rate support

E -rate Modernization will phase out the current E-rate discount for traditional voice related services by 20 percentage points each year. (The E-rate funding application window for 2015/16 has now closed).

E-rate support