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Network Performance Monitor

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Network Performance Monitor


Optimize performance  

Monitor & control

Inbound trunks, Outbound trunks

...with AT&T Network Performance Monitor

Want to get the most out of your valuable voice network trunk resources? AT&T offers an easy-to-use online tool that lets you monitor and control your trunks for optimum performance.

Real-time format* 

* Every five minutes

With AT&T Network Performance Monitor, you can monitor and control your direct connect voice network trunks in a real-time format, if you have incoming or outgoing direct-access trunks between your premises and the AT&T terminating toll switch.

Maximize trunk use  
  • Check trunk status
  • Make trunks available
  • Busy out trunks in real time

You can use the tool to check trunk status and make trunks available. It also lets you busy out trunks in real time so that callers receive a busy signal instead of a ring with no answer.

  • Respond to overflows
  • Stay informed of threshold violations by PC, Pager or E-mail

AT&T Network Performance Monitor keeps you informed so you can quickly respond to overflows and outages. AT&T checks every 60 seconds and notifies you of any fault or trunk outage that has exceeded 2 minutes. And you choose how you want to be notified.

Trunk fault and outage data

The Fault Management function lets you display Real-time trunk fault or outage information.

5 minutes

You'll have easy access to your trunk usage statistics, which are updated every five minutes.

Enjoy hands-on control  


AT&T Network Performance Monitor is designed to be easy to use -- allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

View performance for a specific trunk

You can select specific trunks and view real-time performance information. This lets you make quick decisions to direct traffic for optimum trunk use.

Get snapshots of specific time periods

See cumulative data

You can get snapshots of a particular time periods as well as cumulative data for peg counts and other measurements.


Simply point and click to make a selected trunk available or busy, or to perform a Wink test.

Track trunk performance data  
  • Easy access to data

AT&T Network Performance Monitor gives you easy access to information you can use to make business decisions.  You can generate a variety of charts and reports to review real time and historical traffic data. For example, you can generate a report that shows trends in call volume. This allows you to analyze usage so you can assign the staff you need and achieve optimum utilization use of your facilities.

  • Tables or graphics
  • Store on your PC
  • Use with other applications
  • Share by e-mail

You can store the data on your PC for use with other Microsoft Windows-based applications — and share it with others.

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  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Reporting

Monitoring. Control. Reporting. Everything you need to get the optimum performance from your direct connect inbound and outbound trunks.

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Network Performance Monitor

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