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AT&T BusinessDirect®

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Order Business Services


Place orders quickly

…..with AT&T Order Business Services

* other than the initial service order

AT&T offers an easy-to-use online tool that gives you fast and efficient ways to place and track orders for a variety of voice and data services.

Voice Services

  • AT&T OneNet®
  • AT&T Virtual Telecommunications Network Service (VTNS)
  • Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • AT&T Toll-Free Service

This web-based ordering capability can save you time and effort when you place orders for these switched and dedicated voice services.

Dedicated Access Orders

Add, change, and disconnect:

  • T1.5 and Other Access
  • D-Channel (ISDN)
  • Trunk Sub Group
  • Dialed Numbers/Station Ranges

For dedicated voice services, you can configure your access by placing different types of orders, like the ones shown.

Data Services

  • AT&T Frame Relay & ATM Services
  • AT&T Private Line Service*
  • AT&T ATM-to-Frame Relay Service Interworking (SIW)
  • IP-Based Services, including Frame Relay & ATM Services

* within the U.S.

You can also place orders for these data services. It's easier with AT&T eOrder, because the tool helps guide you through complex orders.

Enhance your productivity

This single ordering tool for voice and data services offers a host of features that enhance productivity.

Point-and-click menus convenience

Clear, well-organized screens and point-and-click menus contribute to the ease and efficiency you will experience when using this tool.

Minimized data entry accuracy

You'll minimize repetitious data entry and avoid errors by relying on pre-populated data fields.

Point-and-click inventory time savings

In many cases, the system can display your current inventory, so you just point and click.

Guided ordering

At each step, the tool helps to guide you through the ordering process.

For example, when you order AT&T READYLINE® Service, you can check to see if a particular toll-free number is available.

Guided ordering

When you order data services, AT&T eOrder walks you through the decision process while you choose port speed, PVC speed, and other service options. Built-in logic helps you avoid errors. For example, the tool will prevent you from ordering a PVC circuit of a higher speed than your ports will allow.

  • Convenient order placement
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Faster order fulfillment

These features and streamlined order-fulfillment processes give you...

  • convenient order placement,
  • improved order accuracy, and
  • faster order fulfillment.

Most simple orders can be processed the same day they're received.

Manage virtual on-net locations

Add, change, delete VONs

You can also use AT&T eOrder to manage your virtual on-net locations — adding, changing or deleting them at your convenience so you can receive on-net rates wherever possible (subject to the terms and conditions of your AT&T service contract).

Track orders efficiently

When you place an order using our familiar shopping cart features, the system returns an online confirmation along with a tracking number. You can use this number to check the status of your order online, anytime.

Built-in reports

  • orders in progress
  • completed orders
  • VON locations

AT&T eOrder also includes built-in reporting features, so you can get summaries of pending orders, completed orders, virtual on-net locations, and other important information.

Around-the-clock access

And you have access to the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • fast
  • easy
  • efficient

So start using AT&T eOrder, for faster, easier ordering and greater productivity.

AT&T BusinessDirect®

Order Business Services

AT&T BusinessDirect applications are available to customers who subscribe to the specified AT&T Services, which are offered pursuant to the terms, conditions, and charges as set forth in AT&T's tariffs and contracts, as applicable. AT&T BusinessDirect applications and pricing are subject to change. Please refer to the AT&T BusinessDirect web site, terms and conditions, and pricing tables.

Call your AT&T Account Executive for a complete list of the services you can order online, and register for AT&T eOrder today.