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AT&T eBonding

Sometimes automation is the answer.
Automate web-based transactions  


What if your business could automate its high volume of web-based transactions with AT&T?

Use your own tools to...

...place orders

...perform maintenance

...check inventory

Faster. More accurately.

With less expense.

What if you could use your own IT service management tools to place orders, perform maintenance, and check inventory? Faster. More accurately. And with less expense.

AT&T eBonding

That's the purpose of AT&T eBonding. To help give you a competitive edge. Electronically.

Automate Transactions  
you now perform manually. AT&T eBonding lets you automate many tasks you now perform manually with AT&T BusinessDirect browser-based tools.

Supported Transactions

  • Ordering, including AGS Networx ordering
  • Order status
  • Incident tracking and trouble reporting
  • Change management
  • Problem management - root cause analysis
  • Configuration management and inventory

For example, eBonding supports Ordering, Order Status, Incident Management and Trouble Reporting, Change Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management Updates, and Inventory.

Supported Services

A wide variety of AT&T Network Services and Markets

What’s more, eBonding supports a wide variety of AT&T Network Services and Markets.

Integrate Systems and Processes  


AT&T eBonding integrates your company’s systems and processes directly with ours.

  Using a security enhanced gateway, your IT service management tools exchange XML messages with AT&T. These XML messages follow predefined conventions, so they’re understood at both ends of the connection.




Secure and reliable

Flexible authentication options

They let the systems complete transactions like placing orders, opening trouble tickets, or checking inventory.

99.96% available (minus scheduled maintenance)

Human intervention is not required.

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy  



More accurate

Your IT service management tools already give your company an edge. Now you can leverage that investment even further, streamline your business operations, and perform transactions with AT&T that are faster and more accurate than ever before.

Manual process:

  • Error prone
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires training, re-training

With eBonding, these transactions are automated, instead of using a manual, error-prone process. So you don’t have to re-type information to get it from your systems into ours. And you don’t need to train and re-train your staff to use our browser-based tools.


AT&T eBonding:

  • Use your own systems
  • Save time
  • Stop the errors and re-work
Instead, use your own systems, processes, and terminology. Rather than having to learn ours. These improvements can do more than just save time. They can help stop the errors and re-work that are so typical of manual data entry.
Control Costs to Perform Transactions  

More transactions 

More savings

By automating, you can lower the cost of performing each transaction. The more transactions you perform, the more you can save.

And since there’s less manual work required, your staff can be more productive.

Customer Results

Saving 30 minutes per trouble ticket

Doubled network management team productivity

Filling orders days faster

Our customers are reporting some impressive results. For example, one is saving up to 30 minutes per trouble ticket, another has doubled the productivity of their network management team, and still another is seeing their orders get filled days faster than before.

Of course, your company’s results may differ from these examples, but they illustrate the possibilities available with AT&T eBonding.

AT&T BusinessDirect®  

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AT&T eBonding

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To learn more about AT&T eBonding, contact your Account Team or go to any of the resources listed on this page.