Access AT&T BusinessDirect® eMaintenance from Your Smartphone*

In today's world, flexibility is key. That's why AT&T BusinessDirect eMaintenance has been designed to be accessible from your smartphone or other mobile devices for most AT&T Transport Services — so even on the go, it can help you to get your network back up to speed fast.  


AT&T eMaintenance. Use it from your mobile phone.Try it and see

  1. Using your smartphone, go to
  2. Download the AT&T barcode scanner app.
  3. Open the scanner app in your smartphone.
  4. Using the scanner app, capture the barcode:
    Go to eMaintenance Mobile Login.
  5. Your smartphone will automatically link to the AT&T BusinessDirect eMaintenance Mobile site.
  6. Bookmark the URL.
  7. The next time you need to go to the site, the link will already be in your smartphone.
View these QUICK GUIDES to learn more:

*Note: For AT&T eMaintenance Transport Services only excluding: AT&T Virtual Private Network, AT&T Regional Local Services, AT&T OPT-E-WAN, and AT&T Switched Ethernet Service.