Participant Application

The AT&T Connect Participant Application is the essential interface to host and fully participate in an AT&T Connect web conference.

In a live conference, this application connects participants by incorporating functionality to load and annotate materials to a common whiteboard; share local applications; tour a web address; poll the audience; record the conference; and interact face-to-face using integrated video conferencing. In addition, the Host/Presenter can maintain etiquette and ensure effective audience participation through an assortment of integrated conference control mechanisms incorporated into the Participant Application interface.

If you are a registered Host, once you have completed the installation of the Participant Application, remember to “Activate” AT&T Connect using the personalized activation link located on your account registration email.

Participant Application for Windows

v11.7.303 – March 2016

Participant Application for Mac

v11.6.304 – April 2016

Additional Resources

To attend an AT&T Connect conference from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, please visit AT&T Connect Mobile for mobile application download instructions and additional resources.

For administrator (.msi) installations of the AT&T Connect Participant Application for Windows, please visit the AT&T Connect Admin Resources site.

For additional end-user documentation, product FAQs and training information, please visit our comprehensive AT&T Connect User Resources site.