Localized Language Resources

The AT&T Connect Participant Application is the essential interface to host and fully participate in an AT&T Connect web conference.

If you are a registered Host, once you have completed the installation of the Participant Application, remember to “Activate” AT&T Connect using the personalized activation link located on your account registration email.

The AT&T Connect Participant Application for Windows and Mac currently supports the following display languages: Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. The same installation file is applicable to all supported languages. In-language documentation is located on this resource page.

Participant Application for Windows

v11.7.303 – March 2016

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  • To alter your display language, access the following menu:
  • AT&T Connect > Application Settings > More Settings

Participant Application for Mac

v11.6.304 – April 2016

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  • Aligns with (supported) corresponding local OS X preferred language setting

In-Language Resources

Spanish Documentation

French Documentation

German Documentation

Simplified Chinese Documentation

Traditional Chinese Documentation

Japanese Documentation