AT&T Connect for Windows Phone

AT&T Connect for Windows Phone is a mobile conferencing application for attending AT&T Connect conferences with your Windows Phone device.

AT&T Connect’s converged design means that you can seamlessly interact with colleagues on the same conference whether you join from a mobile device or a computer.

Application Features:

  • One-click access into a web conference from your calendar or emailed invitation
  • Activated AT&T Connect Hosts can initiate a reservationless conference anywhere at any time
  • Easy to follow prompts to guide you completely onto the voice conference
  • In-app support of Call Me to access the voice conference
  • View whiteboard content
  • Identify and chat with other participants
  • Know who’s speaking
  • Use app emoticons which include raising your hand or giving the audience a “thumbs up!”
  • Alert others that you have stepped in to or out of the web conference

Download the
AT&T Connect for Windows Phone
app to your mobile device, available for free on the Windows Phone Store.

The following resources will get you started using the AT&T Connect for Windows Phone application: