Rapid Adoption Marketing Program

The RAMP Program is a vital resource for Teleconference Managers or Administrators responsible for the successful communication of the deployment of AT&T Connect. As part of the RAMP Program, AT&T provides a Rapid Adoption Marketing Program Kit, complete with resources aiding in the implementation of AT&T Connect. These resources are to be used at your discretion to communication the rollout of the AT&T Connect product:

Banner Ads

  • Click here to download Banner Ads to advertise the deployment of AT&T Connect in your company
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AT&T Connect Collateral

  • Click here to download the following documentation which can be utilized in the deployment of AT&T Connect:
    • AT&T Connect Etiquette
    • AT&T Connect Flyer
    • AT&T Connect Poster
    • AT&T Connect Sign Up
    • AT&T Connect Training
      Download Now.

Best Practices Documentation

  • Overview and Best Practices for enabling desktop video conferencing in AT&T Connect Events
    Download Now.
  • Best Practices for enabling Voice Over Computer (VoIP) in AT&T Connect Events
    Download Now.

Sample of Letter and Wallet Card

  • Download a template for standard letter and wallet card sent to newly provisioned hosts (if requested)
    Download Now.

AT&T has designed an email communication plan that can be distributed to all those effected by the rollout of AT&T Connect. These emails have been created by AT&T to be distributed by the Teleconference Manager or Administrator responsible for rolling out and implementing AT&T Connect at their company.

It is available in two versions:

  • Those transitioning from Third Party Conferencing Services to AT&T Connect
  • Those transitioning from existing AT&T Conferencing Services to AT&T Connect

The email communication plan is accompanied with a recommended sequence that can be distributed to all employees who will have AT&T Connect services. It is to be modified to your specific needs and details corresponding to your deployment. The plan addresses several objectives related to the migration and should include the following stages:

  • AT&T Connect Announcement
  • Transition Details Email
  • Training Email
  • Standard Go-Live Registration Email (see sample below)
  • Post Go-Live Follow-Up Email

Sample AT&T Connect Audio & Web Registration Email

This email is sent by AT&T on the mutually agreed upon provisioning date to each host once their account has been registered.

The registration email provides the user with their new audio and AT&T
Connect web conferencing account information and the necessary steps to complete their AT&T Connect initialization.

The registration email will be sent from teleconferences@att.com. Please
ensure users are successfully able to receive emails from this address by
ensuring that potential spam filters will not impact email distribution.

AT&T recommends a comprehensive training strategy for all hosts of AT&T Connect to ensure that all eligible employees get the training they need in order to incorporate AT&T Connect into their routine.

Here you will find all resources necessary to implement, communicate, and educate hosts about AT&T Connect.

We are pleased to now provide the following training resources to assist in
this transition process: 

  • Instructor-led online training classes
  • Self-paced training tutorials on your new service
  • One-on-One Coaching sessions

Training is done through an AT&T Connect Training portal.

You will be required to set up a User Profile on the training site before
registering for any of the training options.

Browse to http://attwebtrain.123attend.com

  1. After creating your User Profile, you will need to activate it via an email by clicking the hyperlink. (Email will come from admin@123attendmailer.com).
  2. Once your account is activated, log on to the training site and choose “My History/Profile” at the top right corner. Click “Add a Product” button and enter Product Group Code “WEBTRAIN”.
  3. Select “AT&T Connect Integrated Edition” from the “My Products” drop down menu.
  4. Click the “Welcome” tab to select from “Self-paced”, “Live Instructor” or “Coaching” training sessions