AT&T Connect Provisioning Process Overview

Provisioning AT&T Connect Service 

This web page provides Teleconferencing Managers information regarding the
provisioning process.

How will the AT&T Connect Web Conference Service be provisioned, and how long will it take?

Once the AT&T Connect service contract has been signed and submitted, AT&T TeleConference Services will prepare your organization’s AT&T Connect service, configure your corporate account settings and features, and set up billing procedures for your account. 

When configuration of your AT&T Connect service is completed, AT&T TeleConference Services will assign a Customer Care representative to your account. Your Application Sales Executive (ASE) and assigned Customer Care representative will work with you to register your end-users on the service.

Typically, a new AT&T Connect customer starts out by registering a small number of hosts to gain familiarity with the service, and possibly receive (complimentary) training.

You can supply a list of initial hosts’ names and e-mail addresses to your ASE or Customer Care representative. AT&T will register these users within 24 to 48 hours. Each registered host will receive a ‘Registration Confirmation e-mail’ containing account access information, a link to obtain the AT&T Connect participant application software, a link to “activate” the software, Usage Tips, and instructions how to contact AT&T Customer Care if needed.

As each host registers they will receive a ‘Registration Confirmation’ e-mail (unless you specifically instruct your ASE that such e-mails be sent to a central location). There are several user registration methods available: 

  • If your end-users already have AT&T TeleConferencing Audio Services (ATCS) accounts and use Internet Reservation/Registration System (“IRES”), you can arrange to have your end-users login to IRES and “self-register” for AT&T Connect Web Conference service. ;
  • You can call an AT&T TeleConference Services Customer Care Specialist and register hosts over the phone.
  • You can request a “bulk registration” of all your hosts (for example, if those hosts are already using an AT&T Teleconference voice conferencing service today, they can all be registered for AT&T Connect Web Conference Service with a single request).

(For larger customers, additional registration methods are available–for example, registration requests can be submitted through published XML APIs for automatic processing.; This typically requires additional development and testing effort, and may require a Professional Services project at additional cost.  You can discuss these methods with your ASE if relevant.)

If your end-users don’t have access to the ATCS Internet Reservation/Registration System (IRES) yet, you can arrange for such access through your ASE. The IRES system provides a self-service web portal where hosts can configure service feature settings on their own conferencing accounts, view account usage statistics, etc. End-users will follow a separate self-registration process to obtain their IRES account access credentials.