Administrator Resources

This page serves as a resource for those Telecommunications Managers or Administrators who are deploying and implementing AT&T Connect company wide. Additionally, the contents of this page are accessible and helpful to the individual users or hosts whose company has chosen to deploy AT&T Connect.

You will find the following resources within this page:

Provisioning Process Overview

Provides an overview of what to expect in the general provisioning process as well as the steps that will be taken after the conferencing contract has been signed.

What to expect.

Rapid Adoption Marketing Program

The RAMP Program is a vital resource for Teleconference Managers or Administrators responsible for the successful communication of the deployment of AT&T Connect. It includes the following:

Rapid Adoption Marketing Program Kit

This kit contains vital resources for the successful communication of the deployment of AT&T Connect.

Email Communication Plan 

This communication plan is to be distributed by the Telecommunications Manager or Administrator communicating the deployment of AT&T Connect to all users within the company.

Here you will find the Email Communication Plan with the recommended cadence for deployment.


AT&T recommends a comprehensive training strategy for registered hosts of AT&T Connect to provide eligible employees with the training they need in order to incorporate AT&T Connect into their routine

Here you will find all resources necessary to implement, communicate, and educate hosts about AT&T Connect

AT&T Connect Adoption Specialist Request

AT&T Connect provides lifecycle support for our customers.

If you require support to add additional Hosts or make changes to your
corporate account, please click here to submit a request for assistance.

For technical questions or customer support inquires, please contact
AT&T Connect Customer Care
at 1-888-796-6118 or use our Click-to-Chat interface to interact with a live support representative.